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Motivational Monday: I’m a triathlete! Holy cow!

January 26, 2014

Like I said before, when I started this blog it was as much about connecting with others as sharing my own journey. One of the wonderful things that happened to me on this journey is that I was welcomed into the FitFluential community. What a wonderful place to connect online and get motivation and support.

Continuing my effort to prevent Me-itis, which I think many blogs suffer from, this week I want to introduce you to Stephanie, someone I met in my FitFluential family. Stephanie asked me if I thought her motivation was “vain” because she wanted to look good.

Um hello.. that is not vain, that is HONEST! And I LOVE it. Because don’t we all want to look and feel good?

My favorite thing Stephanie says is this” “I also have intense pride in what my body can do” … YES!!!

OK – without more from me.. here is Stephanie:

Stephanie ThenAt the sake of sounding completely vain, I’m going to be totally honest with you. When someone asks me what my motivation was to lose the weight, the answer is simple.

I want to wear cute clothes, and look fabulous in them.

I spent about 8 years of my life overweight/obese. During that time, I wasn’t particularly unhappy. I’d met the man of my dreams, discovered a love for cooking and baking, had great friends and my career took a left turn into something I really enjoyed doing. I smiled. I laughed.

And I shopped in the plus size section. It was one of the only times I experienced discontent.

Standing in a fitting room, a dozen pairs of pants in front of me. All squeezing me unflatteringly in one spot or another. Muffin top, too tight to sit down in the thighs, baggy enough (aside from the waist) that they looked like clown pants. Let’s not talk about my 8 boot-free years, that’s still painful. Nothing ever fit my calves.

To be clear, there are plenty of gorgeous things you can wear when you’re sporting some curves. I was known for having great shoes and accessories, rocked a wrap dress and made a pencil skirt my signature.

But there were things I could not pull off, things I desperately wanted to wear. Little black dresses that were little. Mini skirts (which, to be clear, are more like normal skirts on my 27” inseam). Skinny jeans! Boots!

In 2007, my now-husband proposed to me, and we made a promise to one another to lose the weight we’d gained through years of happy-eating, and get fit. We wanted the life we spent together to be a long one. So we started moving.

I still cooked, just with less butter, more olive oil. Less frying, more baking. My husband started running, he lost 100lbs in the process.

It took me longer to find a passion – which turned out to be everything. I run, I bike, I swim (I’m a triathlete! Holy cow!), I lift, I train in muay thai, I do crossfit workouts with my coworkers.

And to work, every day, I get to put on dresses that make me feel amazing. I’m confident in whatever I wear, and I have intense pride in my appearance.

Stephanie The Triathlete

Stephanie The Triathlete

I also have intense pride in what my body can do. I look back through my blog and see when I was lifting and struggling with 12lb weights in my strength training classes, and when a 3 mile run was truly a haul.

I can see injuries I’ve had (nothing major, knock on wood!) and that I’ve healed and moved past. Mentally, I am stronger, and even happier than I was.

So what motivates me? This gorgeous dress I’m wearing while I type this blog post (at work, shhhhh), but also my husband’s love and our desire to spend many wonderful years together. The side benefits, I feel great, and I still get to cook my heart out.

Life is excellent, and I experience it in 4” heels.

Follow Stephanie on her tumblr blog here  and on twitter here

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