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Motivational Monday: Meet Shannon, A Real Badass!

January 12, 2014

When I started this blog it was as much about connecting with others as sharing my own journey. I an effort to prevent Me-itis, which I think many blogs suffer from, I wanted to be sure to include stories from the women I meet along the way. for 2014 I want to do Motivational Mondays and introduce you to some wonderful women who I have met who motivate and inspire me.

For the first guest post of this series I would like to introduce you to Shannon. Like me, Shannon owns a craft based business and was overweight and unhappy. A change was needed. But more than that base I can relate to, Shannon is a constant reminder to STAY on my journey. Some days are tough and Shannon’s posts are a place I often go when I need that extra push of motivation.

Without more rambling from me… here is Shannon:


When Michele asked me to guest post about motivation for her new series, I will be totally honest…I wasn’t sure what to write! Four words sum up how I view myself.

I am just me.

Plain and simple. I am a woman who was overweight (205lbs and 5’2” in 2009), got pregnant, struggled through a difficult pregnancy and labor, had post-partum depression, and lost herself.  I am a woman who needed to find herself, and did when she started painting and sculpting again.

My transformation isn’t really unlike anyone elses. I have fallen off the band wagon; gotten to a happy weight and stopped going to the gym. I’ve stepped on a scale at a friends house and been unhappy with the number that it showed.

That’s really when things changed for me. That’s when the view of myself changed.

It was Christmas 2012 and we were at our friends place for our annual gathering and Santa Claus parade. Like when you see a scale in your friends bathroom, I stepped on it. 171lbs. All of the hard work going to the gym was gone. I was back to square one.

Right then and there I told myself that I would be a priority.

After doing Insanity, and starting running…and running some more (it truly is my soul mate workout) I have new words to sum up how I view myself.

I am badass.

I think something that we forget about ourselves is just how strong we are. We become….comfortable and, for the most part, don’t want to be the centre of attention. Noone wants to say look at me! Look at what I accomplished today!

But you know what? Celebrate it! Be proud of making the choice to put yourself first; so many people won’t do it because they feel that it’s not important.

YOU are important. The day that I realized that was the day that my entire life changed. It was the day that I found my voice and the day that I promised I would never be the unhappy, overweight girl again.

IMG_0361Do you need more motivation? Consider this.

While you’re reading this, I will have run at least twice over the weekend, likely a total of 6-7km.

I am also 3 months pregnant, and have registered for two 5km races for this coming April and May. Yes…I will be 6 and 7 months pregnant when I run them.

Am I afraid? Absolutely not, because I am badass.

And you can be too. Get out there and get moving! Put YOU first!


For more motivation and inspiration, visit Shannon’s Blog, Instagram and Facebook

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  1. “Put you first”: good words to live by

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