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Oh The Memories : RIP Lou Reed

October 27, 2013
Lou Reed (photo credit unknown)

Lou Reed (photo credit unknown)

The news of Lou Reed’s passing hits me hard. I have written many times how much music means to me. As I say, I believe in music the way kids believe in fairy tales.

Lou Reed’s music as a solo artist and Velvet Underground is the stuff I grew up on. I wasn’t even born by the time Velvet Underground broke up, but their music survived the break up and was one of my great discoveries in the hours I spent at Bleecker Bob’s record store in NYC.


I had the amazing opportunity to see Lou Reed live a couple of times. I wish I was not as high so I could remember more of it. I also remember running into Lou Reed a few times on the upper west side of NYC in the late 90’s. The first time was the best. He was so cool. I mean; this was the definition of “cool”.

Whenever I hear bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, or any version of punk or glam, I can almost always sense the influence and inspiration drawn from Lou Reed’s music. I hear it in a note, a grunt, a lyric. It’s always there.

His style was that bare, raw honest version of music you just don’t hear anymore. I think it was what set him apart from the rest. He didn’t drown out his riffs with bombastic overload. He left them raw and real for you to experience each chord with him.

The soundtrack of my life lost a great contributor today in the passing of Lou Reed. But his music will live on for generations to come. And that is an amazing gift he leaves behind.

Read David Fricke’s awesome feature on Lou Reed for Rolling Stone here.


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