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Third Day at The Beacon. YES!

October 10, 2013
The Sign Says It All

The Sign Says It All

The Beacon Theater in New York City has been host to some amazing live music over its lifetime. For me, as a work site, it was one of my least favorite venues in the country to load in or out of on tour. But, growing up in NYC, it was an amazing place to see live music and embodied so much of what music in that city is about. Shows like The Allman Brother’s March Madness. The Allmans would literally hold residence and play almost the whole month of March. I cannot tell you how many birthdays I spent at an Allman Brothers show at the Beacon!

Once, The Black Crowes did a run at the Beacon and I went to almost every show. I was super excited to be there the night they covered ‘She” by Gram Parsons which is one of my favorite love songs ever. They did such an amazing rendition that I tracked down someone who recorded the show and still have a copy of it to this day.

So when another Georgia favorite of mine, Third Day, announced they were going to do a show at the iconic Beacon Theater, well… I had to go.

It is also funny, ironic and all those words, because most of my Beacon show memories (or lack of memories) are before I became a Christian and began my walk with the Lord and when drugs were a huge part of my life. When I began my relationship with God music continued to play a huge role in my life and lead the way when I could not find words of my own. So this was a full circle moment for me and deeply personal.

I mean, really was it even an option?I had to go!  So I bought a ticket, booked a flight and was headed home to the Big Apple.

Third day tweetI had seen Third Day once before and was excited to see them in this environment. I was hoping they would throw out the set list and do something special and just jam the night away.  I even tweeted the band hoping they would rope in Need To Breathe and create a night of worship and jam music to feed the soul.

While that did not happen, they did NOT disappoint.


Urban Piano, by Artist Ray Ferrer

Urban Piano, by Artist Ray Ferrer


Let me start with the piano. During some songs they roll out this upright piano. Now this thing is well used and a road warrior. In fact, it even traveled without an actual road-case and it had character of its own. I was super excited when I found out artist Ray Ferrer, who I know and am a fan of, would be painting the piano for this special show. AWESOME!

Ray is a NYC urban artist with amazing talent. Everything he does is spray painted and has incredible detail. When I found out the band commissioned him to paint the piano for this show I knew they were going to bring it and loved that ode to NYC.    Side note: I bet they got a road case for that baby now.

The Crew Rolled out the piano for me to get this pic, oddly my shirt matches

The Crew Rolled out the piano for me to get this pic, oddly my shirt matches

The show was amazing. Words are hard to come by to describe it because Third Day just delivered. BIG TIME! Every riff, every chord was impressive. Though I didn’t get the all out “jam” I had hoped for, my music appetite was well filled. They did in fact toss out the set list and take some audience requests.

This was awesome because they played a song called Thief, which I personally have never heard before. Well, it is my new favorite song. SICK! This song has it all, strong lyrics, insane riffs and badass rhythm. I cannot handle how awesome this off the cuff song was.

Taking the evening’s awesomeness to another level, they had invited Peter Furler to sit in with them for a bunch of songs. Oh my heavens. This was mind blowing. I mean: Who thought up this genius?!

And to do a cover of Neil Young’s Rockin’ In A Free World? I could not believe my ears. Peter Furler’s vocals are not only impressive but married with the authentic and rich jam rock ability of Third Day behind him, well that was a version of I Am Free that I will never forget. Mind Blowing!

Peter Furler w/ Third Day

Peter Furler w/ Third Day

Another amazing highlight came just before the band played their recent hit I Need A Miracle. We often read and hear stories about what inspires songs. Well on this night, in this magical place, singer Mac Powell introduced us to the family that inspired this song. That was simply incredible. Of course the audience erupted to cheer for their Miracle and to see them there gave a whole new meaning to the song and message.

I tweeted before I went to the show that I was excited about it and bassist Tai Anderson tweeted back that they were going to “Bring their A game” and they did. Thank you guys for an amazing evening in an iconic setting.

Running Into Peter Furler & David Carr Pre-Show

Running Into Peter Furler & David Carr Pre-Show (starbucks promo shot)

PS: In case any of the guys ever read this; I still secretly hope for that jam side of you guys to come out and if I may be so bold to request a tour with Need To Breathe and an all band jam at the end.. well, that would be heaven and may require me to attend several shows. Just putting it out there. Into the universe. A music fan can dream.




  1. Hit Me Like a Bomb
  2. Make Your Move
  3. I Believe
  4. Kicking and Screaming
  5. Sing A Song
  6. Revelation
  7. Rockin’ In The Free World
  8. He Reigns
  9. I Am Free
  10. Morning Has Broken
  11. Show Me Your Glory
  12. Cry Out To Jesus
  13. Blessed Assurance
  14. Thief
  15. Otherside
  16. God Of Wonders
  17. Children of God
  18. I Need a Miracle
  19. Creed
  20. Your Love is Like a River
  21. Gone
  1. Thank you for the nice write up!

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