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Thank God I Shaved My Legs: An Unexpected Meeting With Bethenny

August 28, 2013

Since starting this new journey of re-launching my life, my goal has not only been about finding my own happiness but inspiring women the way I was inspired by reading Bethenny Frankel’s book, A Place of Yes. What that book did for me was ignite a light inside me that I allowed to go dim. It helped kick me in the ass from living a life I thought I wanted to reinventing myself, making Happiness my business, focusing on changing my personal life and building Midwest crochet, my business and going after the life I really want.

She reached deep inside me and said SMACK! Get moving girl and go live your life, and I want to do that for others.

As I tweet my journey and blog about it all, at the core is my hope that I will connect with others and inspire them and be of support. And that I too may continue to be inspired by the women I connect with. So imagine my surprise when I received a tweet from a producer of the new Bethenny TV Show that they wanted to hear more about my story.

MY story?
What, they READ my tweets?

Go For It!  Calling All My Girls

Go For It! Calling All My Girls

Hold the phone… because while I had hoped to inspire others, it truly did not occur to me that the woman who inspired ME would be reading my tweets or interested in my journey. WHAT?!?!  And truthfully, I would  love to thank Bethenny for that kick in the ass;  to thank her for showing me, and the world, how she turned her oops into successes and steps to what’s next. How all roads lead to Rome and we should KEEP GOING.  So this was all interesting now.

Anyway, so I spoke several times on the phone to Bethenny’s team who is wonderful. (more on that in the future) and then was invited to attend a cocktail party reception in Chicago at The Wit for Bethenny’s Calling All My Girls promo tour for her new show.

I started the day a bit nervous. Knowing I would have 30 seconds at the meet and greet to say what I wanted to say, I rehearsed it all in my head. I got it down to this: “Thank you for inspiring me to change my life. You didn’t do it for me. You knocked me off my ass to do it for myself.” And that was what I had rehearsed in my mind to say in the 30 seconds I would get to meet her.

So I took a bath, gave myself a pedicure and decided to shave my legs. I mean come on… I am going to meet someone important to me. It deserved a leg shave! Got on my custom made dress I recently had made for the new me in my new size, donned my new Diva shoes and was ready to go!

The event was fabulous: filled with pink decor, yummy Skinnygirl cocktails and even more yummy male eye candy serving it all up. A few minutes after arriving, the producer pulled me to the side and said she wanted me to meet with one of the executive producers about my story. OK, I thought. This is getting REAL now. I went with her, fixed my lip gloss, reminded myself to stand up straight and said a quick prayer of gratitude.

She led me into a room off the side of the party room and then, there was a camera next to me, and 2 seconds later Bethenny comes up to me to say Hello.


Meeting Bethenny Frankel

Meeting Bethenny Frankel

The look on my face could not have been pretty as it was pure shock and surprise. Then I just smiled (and was VERY glad I shaved my legs that morning) and we started talking. I had prepared for a 30 second meet and greet one liner of thanks. But ended up in a 5 minute conversation with the woman who helped kick start Michele 2.0.

She said that she had heard about my weight loss (30 pounds so far baby!) and my re-launch and my blog. We talked about my business, Midwest Crochet. We talked about how A Place of Yes sparked the light in me that had gone dim.  We talked about how in my house we call her the “cupcake lady” because of Bethenny Bakes and building our own dreams. And we talked about paying it forward: to be part of a community and a world of women inspiring women to do better, to live better, to BE MORE. We ended the conversation with a hug and a high five, which could not have been more perfect!

I am still processing it all in my mind because it was an unexpected gift. Often we feel gratitude but I had the chance to express it and that was humbling and thrilling.

And as I continue my journey and hope to connect with more women, it is amazing to have been able to thank the woman who knocked me off my ass to start with. I will be going to a taping of her new show next week in NYC and will continue to pay it forward.  I want to be inspiring through my journey of change. So again, Thank you Bethenny: I want to be MORE.

  1. Thats incredible. Congratulations!

  2. Lisa Trujillo permalink

    I absolutely love reading your story…It’s wonderful to hear women when women are able to to an about face and make life changes…I’m at that stage in my life where I’m not sure which way to go..Sounds scary to……But…reading your story inspires me and gives me hope!….

    • Hi Lisa. Thank you so much. I am honored to inspire other women.
      You are right, that about face is ultra scary but I am stronger for it. Like my grandpa always said, and I am finally listening to: Follow your heart but listen to you gut.
      Bes of luck to you on your journey! Stop by here any time for encouragement.

  3. Awesome story! I am also “rebuilding” myself after the loss of my only sister to breast cancer. My company launched its food-like baby gifts online store today and I’m so proud I made it this far! Best of luck and love to you!!

    • Hi Grace!
      Thank you so much and I am so sorry for your loss. Yes, be VERY proud and stay chasing after your dream. Like I learned from Bethenny, ALL roads lead to Rome!
      Best of luck to you and stop by any time you need some encouragement!

  4. Sarah Nicole permalink

    This is so great! Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Sarah!
      Thank you so much. A moment I will cherish and use on those days I need extra encouragement!

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