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Chubby is ok, Isn’t it?

August 1, 2013

I was watching Hollywood Game Night  (my absolute favorite show on television) and there was a game at the end where the celebrity player gives the contestant clues to identify, then name a celebrity. By the way, if you were not watching this show.. what’s wrong with you? it is BRILLIANT!  Anyways… Anthony Anderson, who is brilliant on his own, was giving the contestant the clues. Here is the exchange:

Anthony Anderson: First American Idol
Contestant: Oh..oh..oh (clearly knowing it on the tip of his tongue)
Anthony Anderson: Chubby
Contestant: Kelly Clarkson  (the correct answer)

In a lightning moment they moved on to the next clue / celebrity.

Then later, I saw Anthony Anderson apologize to Ms. Clarkson on twitter for it was not meant in a mean spirited way.  I respect that he apologized.

But this got me thinking… did he have to? Are we an over sensitive society now that we can’t just roll with stuff?

I am a huge Kelly Clarkson fan. And I have mad respect for how she has handled herself over the years. I have had the awesome pleasure of seeing her behind the scenes and she has proven to be a professional and top flight all the way. As a woman, I have always admired how she handled media.

She has never ever made her weight struggles a secret. In fact, I have seen her embrace them in countless interviews. Ms. Clarkson has always talked about her curves freely, and often with pride. Women SHOULD be curvy I recall reading in an interview she once gave. In fact, she has inspired me in my own weight journey.

I remember thinking that “thin” was the way to be. But Kelly opened the door for a few extra pounds, and a healthy curvy figure to be acceptable. She can belt out a tune like no one else no matter what she weighs. And she made it clear that her singing and her weight are not related and that gave freedom to many women who look up to her.

So to me, I did not find it mean or hurtful or offensive when Anthony Anderson used the word “chubby” in that rapid fire word association round of the game to reference Kelly Clarkson. In fact, to me, it made sense! It is a topic she has discussed and is known for. Not in a “bad” way, but an encouraging way. Maybe he could have said curvy, but then it could have been Jen Hudson (who won an oscar with her curves and voice!).

My point is simple, I wonder if we are so sensitive in society and scrutinize everything that Anthony Anderson even felt the need to apologize. Though I have mad respect that he did, I wonder why it was necessary. Would you have been able to let it roll if you were referred to as “chubby” in a non hurtful way such as this?

One Comment
  1. I received this reply from Anthony Anderson. I have so much respect for him!

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